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Corridor Plan Elements
Corridor Plan Elements
Corridor Plan Elements

The East Main Street Corridor Plan seeks to build on East Main Street's assets, including its commercial and institutional anchors, nearby schools, parks and its surrounding residential neighborhoods and industrial areas. The Corridor Plan will take approximately eight months (May to December 2014) to complete and will include the following elements:

Vision Statement and Goals: A statement describing the desired future for East Main Street in terms of its overall development and business environment, and streetscape and urban design appearance will be developed along with a set of short and long-term planning and revitalization goals.

Review of Land Use and Property Features: A review of the existing land uses and land use patterns along and in the vicinity of the East Main Street Corridor. The review will document current conditions and identify issues, constraints and opportunities to revitalizing and redeveloping the Corridor.

Review of Transportation Systems: A review and documentation of the current East Main Street roadway design and conditions. The review will explore opportunities for enhancing the roadway’s design and function, as well as adding pedestrian, bicyclists and bus transit improvements.

Market Assessment: Assess market trends for commercial development along the corridor, as well as identify effective business development strategies. The market assessment will be used as a basis for establishing future land use recommendations and realistic re-development scenarios, as well as identify any barriers and constraints to development.

Review of Local Policies and Planning Documents: A review of the Danville Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, regulations, policies, procedures and documents applicable to East Main Street. The review will identify any barriers and opportunities for redevelopment, which will serve as a framework for future changes to development regulations.

Streetscape Features and Urban Design: A review of existing streetscape and urban design conditions along the corridor with an aim to recommending new design enhancements that improve the Corridor’s overall visual appearance. The review shall consider the corridor’s role as a gateway to Danville, as a neighborhood and community shopping area, and as an employment and institutional district.

East Main Street Corridor Plan: A Final Corridor Plan will be developed and include short and long–term goals related to transportation improvements, streetscape and urban design enhancements, redevelopment scenarios, business development opportunities, and recommended policy changes.

Implementation Strategy: Along with the Corridor Plan, a detailed strategy will be developed outlining key roles and responsibilities of the City and other partners in implementing and funding the Plan’s key development and revitalization recommendations.

Two community workshops will be conducted to gather public input on Plan strategies and recommendations. A series of individual interview sessions with key stakeholder groups will also be conducted throughout the process. Please see Project News for updates on community workshop dates, times and locations.

A steering committee comprised of East Main Street stakeholders has been formed to work with the City and the consultant team to provide periodic input on plan goals and strategies.

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